Winebirds of Sonoma, CA

Winebirds love to travel. Here we see Mother and Father Winebird coasting above the stucco houses near Bodega Bay, not far from the beautiful hills of Sonoma's Mayacamas. Winebirds are on their way to a winetasting party in Kenwood. Once again, Mother has forgotten her holder.

Before we can observe Winebirds relaxing by the fire with a glass of Sonoma wine, bragging about their day's adventures, we catch Winebirds skiing and snowboarding at one of their favorite haunts in Incline Village near Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Winebird skiing
Winebird snowboarding

All good little Winebirds eventually have to leave the nest. But before they do, here's a peek at Mama and Papa Winebirds' brood.

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