Winebirds Toast

W inebirds have been entertaining Sonoma County residents for over two years now. Veda Lewis, of Lewis and Aanestad Productions, is pleased to introduce her Winebirds to the world.

Winebirds love good wine. Many of the best wines in the world are grown and bottled in Sonoma. The following pages contain illustrations about the Winebirds' culture and humor. Enjoy.

Daddy Winebird takes great delight in kidding with his chicks.

Winebirds participate in all types of activities. Our pages illustrate their vast interests and talents.

S ome Winebirds like hot-dogging in the snow when they take a break from the beautiful Sonoma Valley.

"Daddy's a different Winebird since he tried that Gewurztraminer."

Winebirds Poster

W inebirds poster was a real treat at Sonoma's Vintage Festival on September 26-27, 1998. You can click here to see it in greater detail.


Winebirds' Home Wine-Glass-Holder Pull Up! Chicks Winebird Bomber
Travellers Winebird Snowbirders Winebird Snowboarder More Chicks Winebird Cats
"Winebird Librarian" Wine-O-Grams "Christmas Winebirds Sited" Winebird
Fractometer Kid Winebird
"Christmas Greeting"
"Halloween Greeting"
Thanksgiving Greeting
4th of July Greeting

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